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Top 5 Mobile Apps For Preschool-Age Kids That Engage, Educate, and Inspire Towards Learning

Have you ever noticed your child playing video games on your phone? From playing games to watching fun learning videos and using mobile apps on the internet, today’s kids are advancing at a fast pace. In fact, not just children, schools and other educational institutes have started adopting tech-enabled solutions in their education systems to optimize learning experiences for students of all age groups. This has necessitated the need for parents to adopt the new learning styles fast for their children to keep up with the fast-changing learning environments in the post-covid world. According to a report by UNICEF, more than 90 percent of the education ministries worldwide have adopted some type of remote learning policy, and stakeholders have sought to “reimagine education” by harnessing technology.

Your child probably spends more time on electronic devices than you. Thus, as a parent, you need to introduce healthy digital practices in your daily routine for your child to make the most of their screen time. There are hundreds of learning mobile apps that offer kid-friendly, subject-specific engaging content that not only educates children but also keeps up the entertainment quotient, let’s have a look-

How do the top 5 mobile apps for children support learning?

Since mobile education continues to be one of the fastest-growing trends across the globe, people are adopting a new way of learning to render a unique education experience for kids. Learning mobile apps, in these times, have emerged as powerful tools for early learners and pre-school-age children. There are numerous benefits of such mobile apps that aid their learning in today’s digital era which include:

✔️ Ease of accessibility: The fact that a child can access smartphones and devices anywhere, anytime has made it possible for them to do learning on the go. A little parental control and some disciplinary measures are all you need!

✔️ Interactive learning: Learning apps are designed such that it gives children a fun and unique experience to understand core concepts that help in their brain development. The use of ways like gamification and other interactive learning methods are used to enhance the visual and auditory aspects of such mobile apps to engage and educate users.

✔️ Constructive engagement: Children can make the most of their screen time if they get access to well-designed learning apps, whether free or paid, and adopt good learning habits without feeling pressured or bored.

✔️ Knowledge augmentation: The informal educational environment these apps create for children gives them tailored learning experiences that boost their confidence to absorb knowledge in their comfort. For parents, learning apps offer an opportunity to keep their children occupied through the process of learning.

With these benefits and more, it is imperative for you to find the right applications for your child to make the most of them. To help you in this hunt, we have curated some of the best learning apps for pre-schoolers that you must download to ensure your child gains substantial knowledge across subjects in the comfort of your home.

Here are our top 5 picks:

1. ABC Kids

The right way to start schooling for your little one is, to begin with teaching them alphabet. But have you ever thought of doing it at home? Learning alphabets will set the base for your child to begin the more difficult topics and subjects as they grow up and the ABC Kids app helps you do just that in a simple and easy way. ABC Kids is one of the top picks that are designed for 3-year-old children that helps them understand the concept of alphabets via stories, educational games, activities, shapes, sounds, rhymes, and more. Further, the app strengthens early literacy skills for your child with its easy interface and a variety of interactive learning methods.

2. Kahoot! Numbers by Dragon Box

Primarily designed to teach maths to young children, this application develops ‘number sense’ among children instead of mugging up the maths concepts. The award-winning app introduces your child to maths as a subject and sets the right foundation they require for future complex topics he/she will study in higher classes with fun and interesting monster-like characters called Nooms. An example of how the app works can be: Each time Nooms swallow each other, the character grows bigger. The unique concept of animated characters doing various activities to instill basic maths concepts in kids between 4 to 8 years of age makes it the perfect learning app for your child.

3. EPIC!

Epic is another leading digital platform for kids of 2 to 12 years of age. The app is an e-book library with over 35,000 children’s books and also comes with a read-to-me feature designed especially for kids who are undergoing their learning phase to read. Because this app gives instant access to its users to get one-click access to thousands of books, audiobooks, learning videos, and more at once anytime, anywhere, it’s a great platform for parents and families to control their kids’ screen time and for kids by giving them the reading confidence by giving them a free space to explore their interests.

leading digital platform for kids

4. Peekaboo Barn

Peekaboo Barn is one of the first preschool apps and has been among the Top 25 Kids’ apps on recognized platforms ever since it was launched. With gamification and an interesting interface, the app reveals a new animal along with the song it makes each time a user presses on the barn doors. Not just that, the app offers a personalized feature that allows you or the grandparents of the child to record their voice to record the animal’s name for your child. Primarily designed for kids between 1 to 3 years of age, Peekaboo delights young imaginations with its fun, interactive, and unique learning methods. If you want to teach your child to learn about new animals and recognize them by the sounds they make, this is the perfect app for you.

Peekaboo first preschool apps

5. BYJU’S Learning App featuring Disney

BYJU’s Learning App featuring Disney is an award-winning general learning app for maths, language, and reading designed for kids between 3 to 8 years of age. It is powered by a recommendation engine to give unique personalized experiences to each user using popular Disney and Pixar characters like Ariel, Belle, and Woody in the role of teachers. These characters take kids on fact-packed adventures and interactive learning journeys which makes learning a fun and exciting experience. The app also comes with a parent zone and progress-report feature that helps you to monitor your child’s learning for better learning plans.

While there is no comparison between mobile education and learning in a preschool environment, parents and educators must leverage the power of digital devices and applications to support faster learning in preschool-age children to set a solid foundation for their future studies. There are all kinds of free and paid learning apps available in the market these days that help kids in improving their learning process while creating a safe zone to communicate and express themselves freely. It is understandable why you may want to detest the use of mobile apps and electronic devices for your children, but by creating the right balance between classroom and virtual learning, you can take their learning experience and process to a whole new level!

Post Author: Aditya Sharma

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