Lower KG

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Lowers KG or Nursery is the step before Kindergarten hence it’s precarious that the school positions the finest foundation and skills

At Footprints, we understand that young children grow and learn the most when they receive undivided attention and the right stimulation. As parents, you can be assured that our inclusive, engaging and interactive learning environments are capable of adapting to your child’s specific learning and development requirements.

Child Age


48-60 Months

Child Height


Pre School
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Day Care
01:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Full Day
9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Child Ratio

Adult-Child Ratio


Best Lowers KG, Nursery Program for Your Child

HighScope classrooms follow a predictable sequence of events known as the daily routine. This provides a structure within which children can make choices, follow their interests, and develop their abilities in each content area.

Choice Time
  • Decision-making skills helps in honing by giving choices to children.
  • At this time of the day children are given both, the choice and the apt material to choose from and play with.
  • In L-KG class program, children focus on how they can use their skills to transform a simple teaching aid or a toy into an invention.
  • In this time of the day we can observe children creating empty carton boxes into farms and old clothes into robes.
Small Group Time
  • A small group is a prerequisite for being child-centric to identify the individual strengths and challenges
  • Children are closely observed and scaffolded to do the activities while they gather in small groups and interact with their teachers.
  • This time of the day provides the child a safe space to communicate and express what they hold back due to inhibitions in a larger setting.
  • L-KG educational activities like tracing letters, playing number games, solving puzzles etc. keeps the children busy.
Large Group Times
  • Large group setting helps children learn the principles of participating in a team and building communities.
  • Children gather in a large group with their classmates and teachers to engage in different activities for L-KG students.
  • Here children build upon their social skills from taking turns, to taking lead and synchronizing with the team.
  • The extra-curricular activities for L-KG class here range from music, group recitals, dance to story narrations, puppet shows and many more.
Outside Times
  • Children learn best when exposed to environment and physically evolve beyond the walls of the classroom.
  • Given to the weather, children along with the mentors spend around 30 mins each day in the open area.
  • Here, children not only get to understand nature but also the most important lessons of life are learnt here like climate, sun, sky etc.
  • For physical education activities of L-KG children, children can be viewed here, involving in different bodily activities along with honing their senses.
Transition Times
  • This time of the day helps in forming a planned routine for the children. With a consistent daily routine child knows what is going to come next.
  • Transitions are the gaps between other sets of the day, like arrival to choose time or outdoor to small group time.
  • Whenever possible, children are given options on how to make the transition. For example, they may opt on how to move across the floor on their way to small-group time.
Eating Times
  • In L-KG school program, meals and snacks allow children to enjoy eating healthy foodstuffs in a supportive social setting.
  • Rest is for relaxing and solitary activities.
  • Children can be found reading and occupied in self play during this time if they choose not to sleep.