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Best Online Educational Games for Preschool Kids – Games for Fun

The concept of online education and Online Educational Games for Preschool Kids is still new, especially to preschool kids. While the older students still have a good idea about what a school looks like, the preschoolers have had to make the biggest compromise by settling for online preschool. While one may say online preschool is effective as the child receives undivided attention from the parent or caretaker while learning from the class, it is, however, debatable how much reasoning and logical skills the kids are developing.

Interacting in a physical class leads to the development of many life skills such as language, critical thinking, etc., which cannot be replicated in the same way in online preschool. There are fun games for kids online that can be used to fill this gap. These games often help the developing minds of preschool kids to come up with relevant skills that they’d otherwise be learning at school.

Let us take a look at some fun online educational games and how effective they are for a preschooler:-

1. Coloring Games

These can come in a variety of interfaces. Some coloring games use pictures of blank fruits, and the kids have to fill them in. While some use interactive figures that speak out the color they are supposed to be. Such interactive online games for students help them foremostly to identify and learn the colors and learn some organizing skills as well. Dragging the mouse on a computer or using any other device also helps them better motor functions.

2. Spot the Difference

In such games, kids are shown two very closely identical photos of an object or scenery. They have to tell apart the two photos by minor differences that can be found only by keen observation. If a preschool can identify even two out of five such differences, then that is something to be proud of. Such games, as it is abundantly clear, help to increase the observation skills of a kid and, by extension, their analytical skills as well. They observe the difference and can tell the differences because they can analyze them.

Logical Reasoning Games

3. Logical Reasoning Games

Such games may ask the student to create a model house by looking at an example or fill a box with colored figures by imitating the given example. Since the minds of preschoolers are blank canvases, they start by imitating things and gradually develop their skills. Logical reasoning is one of the primary things to teach in online preschool. Fun brain games such as these help with concentration and visual conceptualization, attention, and recognition. Games that involve counting and numbers can also help preschoolers with their counting skills.

4. Memory Games in Online Educational Games

In such games, kids are shown random faces with names that they have to memorize in a short span. This is a very effective way of checking one’s spatial memory span. Such games for kids also come in other forms, such as remembering names of animals, and countries, and then their short-term memory is tested in the form of picture quizzes. These games can also be effective in testing how quickly a student can scan through the faces and their names.

When a preschooler starts to learn the names of friends, a similar thing happens. They compartmentalize each face and name in their minds and can recall it whenever they want. In online preschool, such online educational games can be a fun way to kind of duplicate the same experience of learning the names of friends. Teachers can even make their own game by adding photos of all the students and their names and asking the kids to recognize their friends.

5. Matching Games

Many online classes and preschool curricula in general often include match-up games where kids are asked to match similar tiles to each other. The similarity can be in shape, color, name, species, number, etc.; these can be a source of great fun as well as learning. These Online educational games for kids test improve not only their memory but also their reasoning and scanning ability. Matching games such as these are not by any means an innovation as they have been around for many years helping kids to better their memory skills.


The above listed are some of the best free online games for kids. There are many more such games that help preschoolers to fill their minds with relevant abilities. One perk of these games is the fact that it boosts the confidence of kids as they keep getting better at it.

It has to be remembered, though, these fun games for kids online can in no way replicate real human interaction. Online educational games can serve as a crutch at best to prepare the kid for the real world and real classes where they can put these newly learned skills to use.

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