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Top 10 Nutritious Food Recipes For Toddlers

Toddlerhood, broadly between the ages of 1 to 3 years, is a crucial period to lay the foundation for the baby’s health. This is also the period when the child who now has started attending a play school, has outgrown mashed food & is developing a palate for elaborate meals. The important bit also is that food habits developed during this period last the child well into adulthood. It will be good, therefore, to expose the child to a variety of flavors, as also to encourage independent eating. Here are top 10 nutritious food recipes for toddlers

If you are at a loss thinking of some healthy as well as tasty alternatives, here is help.

1. Methi Thepla

These handy theplas are not only nutritious for your toddlers, but you can also roll them up for the child to enjoy them between activities.

How to prepare:

As a toddler parent, you sure have your hands full, therefore, it is important that the dishes are easy to make…..and this one is. All you need to do is to take some Wheat Flour, Besan, Bajra & Jowar & mix them well. To that, you add cut methi leaves & salt & spices as per taste. Knead all of this into a soft dough. Roll out the theplas & roast them on a non-stick tawa. There you are, the healthy theplas are ready. You can also serve them with curd.

2. Moong Dal Chila

There is no better way to add protein to your child’s diet. That they do not involve long preparation time, is an added perk!

How to prepare:

You need to grind the sprouted moong dal. Add water to make a smooth paste. Add some salt & spices as per taste. Put the batter on a nonstick tawa, as you would add the dosa batter. Flip it around & you have crisp, healthy chillas available.

3. Carrot & Spinach Puri

When it comes to young children, the colour, and the look & feel of the food make the decision for them. This is the exact reason why these puris with their bright colours look appealing to children.

How to Prepare:

All you need to do is to prepare carrot & spinach puree. To one batch of the flour add carrot puree & to the other add spinach puree as you knead the dough. This time when you make puris with the dough, what you will get are colorful options that the child will love to devour.

4. Vegetable Cutlets

This is a fun way of adding vegetables to your otherwise fussy child’s diet and is a very healthy food recipes for toddlers.

How to prepare:

Simply boil the vegetables. You can add ginger garlic paste & spices to it. Mash the mixture & shallow fry the patties. It will help if you make the patties in different shapes to attract the attention of the child. Stars, teddy bears, and more….you are only limited by your imagination.

5. Wheat Bread Pizza

Pizza is generally a favorite with kids. Here is a quick substitute that kids will love & moms will be happy preparing for its nutritious value.

How to prepare:

All you need to do is to spread some butter & ketchup on the Wheat bread slice. Now top it up with veggies. Grate cheese on top & bake it in the oven. You can also cut it into interesting shapes for the child to experience sensory delight.

6. Paneer Finger Puppets

No better way to add nutrition with some fun into the child’s diet.

How to prepare:

Simply cut paneer into fingers. Marinate these in turmeric, salt & pepper. Heat a little oil or ghee & lightly sauté the paneer sticks. To make the dish fun, you can add an ice cream stick to the paneer & use ketchup to make smiley faces. The child is sure to be enamored by these edible finger puppets. This can be an occasion for storytelling, eating & bonding with your young one.

7. Fried Rice

Once again this is an easy recipe that encourages otherwise fussy toddlers to eat veggies.

How to prepare:

To fully cooked rice you can add peas, and other veggies. Adding some fresh garlic or a little bit of freshly ground pepper can not just add to the flavor, it is a much healthier option than using soy sauce. Serve this with some cut cherries or melon on the side for that colourful as well as healthy meal.

healthy meal

8. Fruit & Yoghurt dip

This can serve as both breakfast as well as a super quick toddler dinner recipe and is healthy food recipes for toddlers

How to Prepare:

Simply take some vanilla yogurt & add lots of sliced fruit. You could also add some honey. Serve this appetizing meal with some crackers & see the child take to it instantly.

9. Whole Wheat Pasta with Veggies

Most toddlers love pasta. With some veggies added to whole wheat pasta, it can be a perfect dinner for the entire family.

How to prepare:

To boiled wheat pasta add some sauted veggies. Add some pasta sauce & there you go, you have a delicious meal ready. Serve it with garlic bread if you like.

10. Stuffed Peppers with Salad

This one will be both a visual & gustatory delight for your toddler.

Food Recipes For Toddlers

How to prepare:

Make a salad that your child loves. Only instead of serving it in a regular bowl, use red or yellow bell pepper in which to serve the salad. With a little bit of creativity, it will look like a boat, one that the child will be fascinated by.

There you go, you now have 10 new ideas to serve nutritious food recipes for toddlers that also look very appetizing. Go ahead & serve them to your little one.

Pro Tip:- In preparing the dishes do take into account any allergies that the child may have.

The shrieks of delight will be a fitting reward for the effort that you put in. Besides these recipes, here are some other handy tips that will make meal times fun, instead of the power struggle they can turn out to be:

✔️ Offer meals & snacks around the same time each day
✔️ As far as possible avoid processed food
✔️ It is okay for toddlers to refuse to eat new foods or to change their minds about the food they have eaten before. Do continue to offer a variety of familiar food interspersed with new food.
✔️ Engage your child’s senses while offering food
✔️ Do not force-feed the child.

Say Goodbye to mommy woes! Here’s to healthy eating & to the child developing a healthy relationship with food!

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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