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Tips On How To Deal With Separation Anxiety In Preschoolers

Separation Anxiety In Preschoolers

Children often become nervous when they are sent away from home. Therefore, dropping off a kid at a preschool for the first time can be a difficult job. Kids with separation anxiety often start crying and screaming. They beg their parents not to leave them alone at the preschool. Does your kid feel very anxious when it’s time to say goodbye? Being a parent, you must be thinking about how to deal with separation anxiety in preschoolers. Let’s dive into the below section to find the solution.

What Is Separation Anxiety in Preschoolers?

Separation anxiety is a condition when children worry about being separated from their parents or loved ones. Kids with a separation anxiety disorder may have stomach aches or headaches if they are separated from the ones they are attached to. Also, the fear of separation may cause them stress.

Kids with separation anxiety

Preschool Separation Anxiety Tips for Teachers and Parents

So, how to manage separation anxiety in toddlers age 3 or 4. Both parents and teachers need to put effort and help preschoolers cope with anxiety. If you ask how here is the answer for parents and teachers like you.

• Preparing Kids for Preschool

Does your child feel stressed when you are not near them? If yes, then be careful. Because it could be a sign that your little one has separation anxiety. Prepare your kid for the first day before preschool starts. Talk about this topic so that the little one knows what to expect on that day. If it’s possible, practice some preschool routines such as bathroom time, dressing up time, departure time, and nap time.

• Visiting Preschool Beforehand and Meeting the Teacher

Here is another tip for parents worrying about separation anxiety in babies. Once you explain, what the preschool is like, it’s time for you and your little one to visit the daycare together. Show your child the classrooms and playground and explain the preschool activities.

If it’s possible, meet the teacher there. Teachers are likely to understand children’s psychology. Also, skilled teachers are expected to play a significant role in making the preschool transition easier for students. Once the teachers win the preschoolers’ trust, the little ones are likely to feel safe and relaxed.

• Making a Goodbye Ritual

Making a goodbye ritual prior to preschool can be helpful. Firstly, it will help your little child cope with anxiety. Here are some ways how to make a goodbye ritual for your toddler:

• Practice a handshake and weave
• Kiss, hug and say goodbye
• Express your love and support them

• Dealing with Preschool Anxiety

Finally, the day has arrived – it’s your baby’s first day at preschool. To deal with separation anxiety in 4-year-olds or kids, start the day with a smile. When preparing your little one for preschool, explain how much fun they can have.

Also, you can share your childhood stories about separation anxieties and how you dealt with them. Thus, your child finds it easy to connect with you and knows how to manage their fears and anxieties.

• Going to Preschool and Meeting New Friends

Don’t be late for preschool on the first day. Rather, reach there at least an hour in advance. Make some time to meet other preschoolers and let your kid talk to them. Making new friends at preschool is a great way to ease anxiety.

• Ensuring On time Pickup

Don’t let your child feel like you have forgotten him and you don’t care for him. Children are sensitive, and little things like delayed pickup may make them feel stressed and anxious. At least for the first few preschool days, don’t be late to pick up your little one. Be there on time, so that your child could see you when the class ends.

• Having Patience

Preschool transition can be a long process. It may take weeks or months for your child to get habituated to preschool. Being a parent, you should deal with the situation with patience. If there are long breaks from school, they may start behaving the same way they did on the very first day at preschool. So, be prepared for this and handle it calmly.

So, this is how both parents and teachers can help preschoolers manage separation anxiety. With proper strategies and tips, it is possible to take separation anxiety under control. However, be sure that it doesn’t lead to separation anxiety disorder. Consult a doctor if you find any of the following symptoms in your kid.

Separation Anxiety Disorder Symptoms in Preschoolers

Look for the following separation anxiety disorder symptoms in your little one:

• The constant fear that something bad is going to happen to parents or the loved ones
• Not willing to go to preschool and clinging on to the caregiver
• Throwing tantrums repeatedly
• Intense fear and bed wetting

Treatment and Solution

Children with mild separation anxiety disorder symptoms don’t require medical treatment. For severe cases, doctors may recommend the following treatment options – anti-anxiety medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.

We know how difficult it is to leave your crying child at preschool. Separation anxiety in preschoolers is pretty common. However, use the right strategies and help your little one deal with fear and anxiety. Preschool days can be fun when your child knows how to deal with anxiety.

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