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Best 5 Kids Animated Movies You Should Totally Know About

5 Animated Kids Movies

There are some movies that we watch and forget about later, and there are some movies that we cherish for our lifetime. Kids Animated Movies watched in childhood usually fill up most of the place in that special list. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to let your child have that special time. Movies are not only for entertainment, but some of them teach us for life.

So, when it comes to kids, animation might be by far the best genre available. Best kids’ animated movies are sometimes even better than movies with real people in them. While animation is a kind of fantasy, it is also a mixture of thrill, excitement, emotions, and surprises. All in all, children’s animated movies are the best source of entertainment along with learning.

When you plan to spend time with your child, you cannot go wrong with all the preparations. So, here is the list containing the best kids animated movies that have been cautiously curated by taking insights from fellow parents. So you know you are going on the right path down. Let us jump into the sections and find the best cartoon movies for kids.

Best kids' animated movies

1. The Lion King

This is a cult favorite and without any misses makes it to the list of the best kids animated movies. Chances are you probably must have already heard of this or even watched this movie. The story of two adorable father-son lions not only makes it interesting for the kids to watch but also gives them a lesson. The characters of the movie are equally entertaining and wholesome.

Trust us; this might be the perfect addition to your family movie time as lion king is one of the best animated cartoon movies. Watching this will strengthen your bond with your kids and will also lead them to become good human beings later on in their lives. Add this to your list of best-animated movies, and thank us later!

2. Ratatouille

Ratatouille is one of the sweetest and the most adorable funniest animated movies we have come across. The name may not make you the most excited, but the storyline definitely will. This story is about a rat who can cook! Just tell this to your children and see them asking you to put this movie on right away. Sound good, right? It is a great treat to the eyes too!
Remy is the main character of this animated movie who will keep your child hooked to the last second because of his witty and funny nature. While Remy wants to be a great chef someday, he has amazing convincing power. Now, this much information is enough because we do not want to spoil the fun of discovering the story yourself. You can stream ratatouille with your children on Disney plus Hotstar. Have fun and let us know how it was.

3. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Adding to the best comedy animated movies, this is a masterpiece that was created back in 1989. Yes, this surprisingly old animated movie has still kept a lot of children hooked to it because of its charm. There is nothing complicated but just a girl who roams around with her cats wanting to make friends and be independent. Yes, that is just as simple as you read, but that does not mean that it is boring.

The conclusion part of Kiki’s delivery service will not let you move an inch and will make your time worth it, for sure. So, when are you planning to go on a movie date with your kid and binge-watch Kiki’s delivery service?

4. Shrek

Yes, this is the movie with the character you must have seen at least once in your life. Shrek, the Ogre is a gentleman and appreciates how different he is from society. This is a movie full of fairy tales. So, if your kid always lives in such kind of a world, this movie might be the perfect fit.

Shrek makes a deal in order to get his land back, and then in the story comes a beautiful princess, who he has to retrieve. The love between them that is going to come is what makes the movie more interesting. So keep your Amazon subscription on and get on to watch the most beautiful fairy tale animated movie.

5. Coco

We have kept this movie for the last because this is a piece you would not want to miss. This is animated with the most kind-hearted and perfect characters that will make your child turn into a good human being.

We would not tell you the story because you should only watch this with your kid and reveal the secret. We hope you will have a good time watching all these best kids animated movies. Have fun!

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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