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Positive Parenting Tips

If parents had one wish that could be granted to them, most would wish for a parenting manual that lays down everything they need to do to raise model children. While finding a parenting manual is tough, let us do the next best thing, speak of some positive parenting tips that can go a long way toward raising children with a balanced worldview.

Positive Parenting Tips

Be a role model

This one parenting tip cannot be overemphasized. The fact is that children don’t pay as much attention to what you tell them but to what you show them. It is the behavior you display, and the coping skills that you demonstrate that are internalized by them. Remember, therefore to walk the talk every inch of the way.

Demonstrate your love

Ever so often we are afraid that if we demonstrate our love, we may stand a chance to spoil the child. It actually is quite the inverse. Pure, unconditional love can do no harm. It is only when in the name of love you tend to not set boundaries, load the child with material things, etc that problems begin to surface. What the child needs from you is unconditional love, one that is not dependent on how many marks the child has got or how well he or she does in extracurricular activities. You need to be that haven that the child can fall back on, each time, no wonder what his academic or other performance is. Now this is one positive parenting tip, worth remembering.

Yell free parenting

Another Positive parenting tip is to practice yell-free parenting. Remember that all yelling does is throw the child into fight or flight mode without him or her being able to register the mistake he has made and ways to correct it. Spanking too, though casually resorted to in earlier times is a strict no-no.  If anything it only makes the child more aggressive and sends the parent-child relationship on a downward spiral.  This is not to suggest that you do not need to discipline the child. What you need instead is a system of positive reinforcement. Set limits for the child with kindness yet firmness. See each mistake as an opportunity to learn rather than to punish and you will experience a world of a difference in your parenting journey.

An open line of communication

This is one of the most needed parenting tips as if this is done in childhood it will stand you in good stead throughout your parenting journey. Ensure that you talk to your child whether it is through joyful or troubling experiences. However, this doesn’t just mean you offering advice to the child on a platter. What it means is also to listen to the child effectively in a manner that he or she feels heard. This will ensure that the child reaches out to you with his thoughts, worries, suggestions, and ideas as he or she crosses different milestones.

Sometimes just reflecting on our own childhood experiences and ensuring we do not repeat destructive patterns can go a long way in ensuring we do not repeat past mistakes or give in to limiting behavior.

Do not lose sight of the bigger goal

Ask parents what they want to achieve for their child and most would respond by saying that they want their children to be good human beings, responsible and independent. Yet if you look at your daily routine your energy is being spent getting through the day, what with its pressures and deadlines. The important thing in all of this is not to lose sight of the bigger goal and use small coachable moments to instill the right values.

Look after yourself

Now this parenting tip for kids may seem a little discordant but the fact is only a happy human being can make a good parent. What this needs is that you be mindful of your own physical and mental health. This is to say that you need to pull down your own proverbial oxygen mask before helping your kids. In fact, this is the number one positive parenting tip especially for new parents as they can often beat themselves up in the fear that they aren’t doing enough. Simply trusting yourself in this parenting journey can go a long way.

Here’s to joyful parenting!

Post Author: Purvesh Sharma

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