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Parenting toddlers- Effective tips for tantrum free parenting

When it comes to toddlers, they are rather infamous. Tantrums, terrible twos, these are just some of the terms that are commonly associated with them, often loosely so. Even before one gets to some effective parenting advice for toddlers, it is important to know why is it that they behave the way they do.

For starters, they are rather keen to be independent, The fact, however, is that they cannot fully express their thoughts. What that leads to, is a sense of frustration that finds an outpouring in what we see as tantrums. Thankfully there are enough and more effective parenting tips for toddlers encouraging good behavior. Read on for a cheat sheet, a handy parenting guide for toddlers:

Do not overload the child with rules

In our bid to practice good parenting skills for toddlers, we often land up overloading them with rules. In turn it adds to the child’s frustration. Instead, it is a good idea to start with few basic rules primarily to do with the child’s safety and add other important rules as you go along and the child learns to follow them. It is also a good idea to child proof your home as much as you can, so there are those many less temptations to deal with. Even when you set rules ensure that you explain to the child how those rules are to be followed. So just telling the child to share a toy may not be as effective as telling him how he and his friend can take turns at that cycle.

Take no in your stride

The biggest parenting advice for toddler parents is also to develop their own ability to take no for an answer. With growing independence will also come a sense of assertion. Very often therefore you would hear a “ No” to your request. In such cases instead of losing your cool, find another calm way to repeat your request. You should also find a way to distract the child so that you get through the impasse. It is also extremely important to pick your battles carefully. Therefore saying no to everything that the child wants will only lead to more stalemates. It is therefore to accede to some requests, basis their reasonability, of course.

Follow through on consequences

Among the parenting tips for toddlers encouraging good behavior, is the need to follow through on consequences. Pro tip- Think of reasonable consequences in advance and communicate them. Once you do, stick by them and also ask all adults around to follow them. This ensures the child isn’t confused too. In parenting toddlers very often we and up giving confusing signals ourselves. So while at the shopping mall you tell the child that he cant buy something and yet when he starts to throw  a tantrum and lie down on the mall floor you buy the thing he is asking for; the signal that you send is that tantrums get you places.

Criticize behavior not the person

A big parenting advice for toddler parents is also to criticize a certain behavior, not the child per se. It isn’t a very good idea, therefore to label the child as a ‘ Bad boy or girl” basis a certain behavior. Instead explain how a certain act isn’t good.

Offer choices

Among positive parenting techniques for toddlers is the technique to offer choices. For a child who is keen to be independent, this works like a charm. So instead of telling him to wear a certain something, if you give him a choice between two or three clothes ( that you think are appropriate), it will go a long way in giving the child a sense of independence and significantly reducing those tantrums

Set an example.

Good parenting for toddlers means setting the right examples your self. Remember telling the child what to do, does not have the same impact as him seeing the right thing being done.

Be generous with your display of love

Since parenting a toddler comes with a lot of rule setting, following through on consequences and more, we are often left with little time or energy to be able to display our love for them. Those hugs and kisses can go a long way in assuring your child of your love. Whatever else you do, do not cut back on these. If anything this is one of the most positive parenting tip for toddlers.

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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