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Fun activities to keep your toddler physically active

Whether you want to keep your toddler away from that screen that he is slowly getting fascinated by or if it is one of those rainy days where you cannot step out, there is enough you can do to keep him occupied as well as to help his physical development and give him those essential life skills. Here are some handy tips for a day filled with fun. That the activities should give you some coachable moments with the child is an added perk!


Dance– There is nothing quite like those dance moves to not just have a whole lot of fun but also to bond with each other. Take turns to invent new steps and have the other follow them. Not only will the physical exercise have you both in great spirits, the infectious laughter will keep you going for a long time.

Make shadow animals– Switch off the light and take turns to make shadow animals. Add their sound for effect and let the child guess the name of the animal. This one will have the child excited for sure.

Get out all the pillows– Pillows of all shapes and sizes strewn on the floor make for a fun game. Get the child to balance on it, jump atop the pillows and of course topple over. This one is a great way to develop his motor skills. That it will end in a fun pillow fight, is a given!

Laundry Bag– So what if you cannot play ball in the open today, your laundry bag can offer a whole lot of exercise. Roll up those socks or shirts into a ball and let the child aim to throw it in the laundry bag. You could also use newspaper balls. As the child perfects his throws, try moving the laundry bag a little further each time.

Scavenger hunt– You could also have a whole lot of fun playing scavenger hunt with a little twist. Hide different colored objects in different rooms so the task becomes about looking for various colors. What better way to have fun and to ensure that the child knows all his colors while at play.

Fun walks– Enjoy the child’s squeals as you both jump like a bunny or flap those imaginary wings like a bird. You are only limited by your imagination!

Bubble wrap fun– The next time you order something, remember to save the bubble wrap. All you need to do is make a road with it that the child walks on and has oodles of fun popping the bubbles!

Balloon Badminton- Even if you are short of space or are worried about the fact that games at home can result in breakage, this one is pretty safe. Get those colorful balloons and get ready for a round of balloon badminton.

Fun Obstacle course– Setting up a fun obstacle course with day to day stuff available at home, which the child has to navigate is another great way of getting his mental as well as physical faculties to tick!

All you need is a little bit of imagination to turn a dull day into one that the two of you will remember and want to experience again and again! The independent movement that the child learns while having fun will be well worth it.


Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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  1. A very nice curriculum for both mental & physical growth of the toddlers under “Fun Activities” those can be exercised at home by parents.So many thanks to “Footprints Childcare” for such endeavour.

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