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Why Preschool Franchise Is A Preferred Entrepreneurial Option For Women Entrepreneurs?

India is fast emerging as a startup hub, and India’s startup ecosystem is ranked as the third-largest globally. What is extremely encouraging is the role that women entrepreneurs are playing in this growth. Though the fact that women are stereotyped and challenged in their roles as entrepreneurs is quite prevalent, the good news is that there has been a sizable rise in women-led startups. A report from India’s Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER) shows that while women-led founders stood at a mere 10 percent of startups in 2017, the figure stands at 18% in 2022 and is growing.

While women led startups cut across domains, the one area where women have shown a lot of promise is in the field of education. In fact, the preschool franchise business idea is seeing a lot of traction from women. Let us look at the many reasons that it is so.

When Passion meets Purpose!

As a generalizing fact, it can be said that women are in-born nurturers. Considering the nature, we find a lot of women with a passion of being into the Education Industry, leading to garnered attention for Preschool Franchise. The early education environment offers a befitting opportunity for women to channelize their nurturing instincts and make a difference in the lives of many.

Additionally, as a play school franchise owner, a woman entrepreneur can build a strong institution that resonates with the community, offers engagement and educational excellence.

The Opportunity offers Financial Independence and Empowerment!

Research has shown that 90% of the child’s brain develops by the time they are 5 years old. What is important is to offer children a stimulating environment that aids this growth. Increasingly, parents, therefore, realize the need for quality early education as it can go a long way in shaping a child’s life. In such a scenario, a preschool franchise offers women entrepreneurs a lucrative opportunity that offers them financial independence as they can tap into this demand with quality offerings. That this financial independence leads to the empowerment of women, enabling them to run life on their own terms, is a given!

A Perfect Work-Life Balance!

As natural nurturers, women often take the lead when it comes to raising their children and managing their households. With a preschool franchise they have an opportunity to do that easily as the work hours are not exceptionally long. All of this leads to a harmonious blend of work and family life.

In sync with multi-tasking abilities of women

Women are known to be natural multi-taskers. A play school franchise could do with this skill as there are several areas to address. Whether it is creative handling of children given their motherly instincts, managing a team, taking decisions or more, there are many aspects that a franchise needs to manage in a creche. All of these are a natural fit when it comes to women.

All of this is not to say that running a play school business is easy. Right from ensuring admissions to managing several stakeholders the job can be demanding. This is the exact reason why a lot of due diligence is required in choosing the right partner for the preschool franchise business. Some of the aspects to evaluate in making the choice include:

Due Diligence Areas for a Preschool Franchise Model

Brand reputation

It is extremely important to thoroughly evaluate the brand reputation of the school. First and foremost, the school needs to be committed to the cause of offering quality early childhood education. One important aspect to consider includes the founding team and their credentials. A potential franchisee also needs to spend some time understanding the kind of academic curriculum the school follows. A scientifically developed curriculum that focuses on the holistic development of children is key.

Support Offered

Time needs to be spent evaluating the kind of support that the day care offers to franchises. This needs to include the training offered, marketing support, a robust operational framework, technical support and more. In short, the franchise needs to be armed with all the tools that they need to succeed in the competitive market.

Commercials involved

Due diligence also needs to be undertaken regarding the investment that the franchise is expected to make and what kind of ROI the school is committing to. Established playschools that are confident of their offerings would make a commitment to the number of admissions making it a no risk venture. Some of the areas to pay attention to include:

  • What kind of annual return can you expect?
  • Is there any admission guarantee?
  • Is there an option to sell back?
  • Do they have a 100% success rate?
  • What is the exact partnership model?

What needs to be kept in mind is that you decide based not just on the initial investment but also on the fact that the offering is robust and the business model is scalable.

Areas for a Preschool Franchise Model

To Sum Up

A preschool franchise business model works extremely well for many women entrepreneurs who are looking for a business opportunity that offers them both financial independence as well as the ability to make a difference in the lives of many. The emotional rewards of contributing to the long-term growth and development of children is one of the strongest factors that draws women to this business. However, to ensure that they can indeed make a positive difference, it is important to choose a preschool partner with care.

At Footprints, a chain of preschools and daycare centers that has emerged as a preferred parenting partner for parents across the country, our focus is on ensuring the holistic growth of children. To do so, we are on the lookout for franchise operators who are driven by the passion of making a positive difference in the lives of children. With our proven business model and 100 percent success rate, passionate edupreneurs need not look any further!

Here is to women entrepreneurs marrying purpose and profitability with their preschool franchise! Above everything, here’s to making a positive impact on the lives of the next generation!

Post Author: Purvesh Sharma

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