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Why Parents Should Choose Daycare Centers For Their Children?

Daycare Centers for Children

Speak of daycare centers & one tends to typically think that it is only a place that working parents resort to. Surely, a good daycare ensures that the holistic development of the child in these crucial years takes place seamlessly, but daycare centers also offer opportunities for learning & socialization for all children. Here are the many reasons why parents should invest in a good daycare center:


The importance of a schedule cannot be overemphasized in a child’s life. With a daycare, the child gets to experience a routine. A well-developed daycare routine would include structured activities that aid in the child’s overall physical, mental & emotional growth as also unstructured play/me time. With scheduled times for eating, napping & more, not just the child’s day but also his health & behavior are shaped.


That children need to socialize with other children their age, is a given. Not only do they establish friendships, but they also learn to share & cooperate with others. While you may be struggling to organize play dates for your child, at a daycare center they have enough opportunities to socialize. It is these building blocks of socialization that shape their later lives. In fact, these early opportunities for socialization & positive interaction also help build their emotional intelligence.

A study conducted in France has found immense social & emotional benefits of daycare. In fact, the study saw a positive correlation between high-quality daycare & fewer emotional issues, attention dysfunction & relationship issues later in life.

early opportunities for socialization

Increased confidence

The child learns to be independent while at daycare & has increased confidence & self-esteem. This confidence developed early goes a long way toward shaping his or her personality. The child also develops good communication skills as he interacts with children of different ages as well as adults.

Age-appropriate activities

A daycare also offers age-appropriate activities to young ones. In fact, it is a great way to expose them to a wide variety of activities, some of which they may hold dear & may land up pursuing further. A reputed daycare would offer activities that cater to the physical as well as the intellectual & social development of the child.

Smooth transition

For toddlers, daycare is also just the smooth transition they need, to adjust to the structured environment of school. Having overcome separation anxiety, they are more likely to take to school easily.

Academic advancement

Quality daycare facilities offer adequate support in terms of academic help and homework support, they also aid the academic advancement of the child.

Quality daycare facilities

Support for working parents

It goes without saying that daycare centers are a valuable support for working parents. There is no better way to keep working parent guilt at bay than to know that your child is in safe hands. A good daycare center not only ensures the physical safety of the child but his overall growth & development.

Every so often parents may be reluctant to leave young children at a daycare center. However, it is important to understand that research shows that 90% of brain development in children takes place before they are 5 years of age. Let us understand this phenomenon a little in detail. It is not as if the brain cells grow in number, but that connections or what is known as synapses are formed at a spectacular rate up until this age. What aids the formation of these synapses is positive experiences, interaction & appropriate stimulation. In turn, the impact of this lasts a lifetime. At a daycare center that follows a well-structured program that is age appropriate for the child, you benefit from the fact that it offers the right interaction & stimulation.

While the advantages of a daycare center cannot be overstated, it is extremely important to choose the right daycare center for your child. After all, this is where the child will spend the better part of his or her day and you want to not only ensure the physical safety of the child but also want to ensure that the child has meaningful experiences. Some of the aspects to watch out for, include:

Areas to watch out for when making the choice of a daycare center

✔️ It offers adequate physical safety for your child. Do remember to check out issues such as the place being childproof, its dispersal policies, background checks of staff, hygiene, and more, while considering the daycare.

✔️ The choice of meal is yet another aspect to look for. You do not want to go in for a daycare that offers junk food on its menu. Do check to see that the daycare offers nutritious meals that are planned by qualified nutritionists.

✔️ Flexibility of time & days is an area that you want to look for especially if you are a working parent.

✔️ Make sure you look at the child-caretaker ratio. Young children particularly need individual attention & hence this is an important parameter.

✔️ Do check that it offers a range of age-appropriate activities for the child that ensures holistic growth.

✔️ Proximity to your home or office is yet another factor to watch out for.

✔️ Do check for who the founding team comprises. It is imperative that the founding team has the right vision & is invested in child development. In fact, if the daycare is part of a well-known preschool, it may work well as it is likely to have similar standards & a robust curriculum. A good daycare will fuel the love for learning in the child and turn them into learners for life.

At Footprints, we run a comprehensive daycare center where the child is engaged in meaningful and joyful learning experiences. The daycare program at Footprints has been designed for children above 9 months of age, where they are constructively engaged in different exploratory activities. The program fuels the curiosity of learners while ensuring their holistic development & of course physical safety. Little surprise then, that parents find it to be one of the best daycare centers for their children.

Here’s to the well-rounded development of each child and for them to grow to their full potential!

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