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Short English Poems for Children

Short English Poems for Children

The magic of children reciting “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” unveils the profound impact of poetry on young minds. Poetry transcends mere rhythm and rhyme; it’s a gateway to immersive learning experiences. It introduces the musicality of words, fostering a deep appreciation for language. Beyond its melodic charm, poetry is a catalyst for vocabulary expansion. Children encounter new words in context, unlocking doors to ideas and expressions. Poetry’s simplicity ignites a love for reading, laying the groundwork for a lifelong literary journey. Yet, the true power of poetry lies in its ability to fuel creativity. Children explore characters, settings, and emotions through verses, nurturing empathy, and emotional intelligence. Choosing short English poems that resonate, are easy to understand, and carry valuable life lessons forms a lasting connection between the child and the verse.

Children’s poetry is a vibrant tapestry weaving sounds, words, imagination, and values. Each line recited opens new avenues for learning, making poetry an indispensable part of childhood education.

To make poetry sessions delightful, consider these tips:

1. Set it to a Tune: Nothing enhances learning like setting a poem to a catchy tune. Encourage the child to sing along or find online renditions with music.

2. Voice Modulation: Recite the poem with appropriate voice modulation. This keeps it exciting and lays the foundation for future vocal and theatrical activities.

3. Enact it: Add fun by enacting poems with different characters. Incorporate gestures to make the learning process enjoyable.

4. Line by Line: Turn the learning process into a group activity by assigning different lines to children. Alternatively, recite one line and let the child respond with the next.

5. Repetition: Embrace the power of repetition for effective memorization. Play the poem during various activities to integrate learning seamlessly into the child’s routine.

6. Explain it: Ensure the child understands the poem’s meaning, making it a valuable coaching opportunity.

Let’s begin an enjoyable exploration of recitations, featuring specially selected short English poems tailored for your child’s enjoyment.

Poem 1:

“Firefly” by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,
A little light with wings.
I never could have thought of it,
To have a little bug all lit
And made to go on wings.

Poem 2

“Happy Thoughts” by Robert Louis Stevenson

The world is so full
of a number of things,
I’m sure we should all
be as happy as kings.

Poem 3

“All My Great Excuses” by Kenn Nesbitt

I started on my homework,
but my pen ran out of ink…
My hamster ate my homework…
My computer’s on the blink…

I tripped and dropped my homework.
in the soup, my mom was cooking…
My brother flushed it down the toilet.
when I wasn’t looking…

My mother ran my homework.
through the washer and the dryer…
An airplane crashed into our house…
My homework caught on fire…

Tornadoes blew my notes away…
Volcanoes rocked our town…
My books were taken hostage.
by an evil killer clown…

Some aliens abducted me…
I had a shark attack…
A pirate swiped my homework.
and refused to give it back…

I worked on these excuses.
so darned long, my teacher said,
“I think you’ll find it’s easier.
to do the work instead.”

Poem 4

Your Best by Barbara Vance

If you always try your best
Then you’ll never have to wonder.
About what you could have done
If you’d summoned all your thunder.
And if your best
It was not as good
As you hoped it would be,
You still could say,
“I gave today.
All that I had in me.”

Poem 5

I’m Glad to Be Me by Kenn Nesbitt

I’m glad to be me. Yes, I’m glad to be me.
There’s nothing and no one that I’d rather be.
I’m glad I’m the person who knows what I know.
I’m glad I’ll go to all the places I’ll go.
I’m glad that I have all the thoughts that I have,
the foods that I eat and the drinks that I drink.
I’m glad that I have all the friends that I’ve met,
the things that I’ve got and the things that I’ll get.

I’m glad to be someone who sees what I see.
I’m glad to be me. Yes, I’m glad to be me.
And, one other thing that I’m glad about too…
I think you’re great and I’m glad you’re you.

There you are with these fun and meaningful English poems; you will also have a great bonding session! At Footprints, a preschool chain that has emerged as a parenting partner for parents across the country, we believe in the holistic development of children and ensure that they become learners for life!

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