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Chapter 1: Setting Up A Daily Routine For Children At Home

To support our parents even further in this uncertain time to ensure the early years are full of active learning moments for children, we are bringing you a range of videos that is developed based on our interaction with parents and what they need right now.

While we are staying home, the challenge most of us are facing is to provide children a “Daily Routine” that is consistent yet predictable. At footprints children are part of a routine that makes them more happier and less irritable as they know what’s going to happen next in a day.

To support you work from home as well as continue to provide developmental need to children here is the first series “Daily routine at home” by highscope l infant toddler certifies and trainer, Ms. Amita Bhardwaj and Highscope preschool curriculum certified Ms. Shruti Nagar. Highscope education is continuous training process.

Watch the chapter#1 and explore prerequisites of setting up a routine and begin implementing the first two components of daily routine. After working with us on chapter#1, you will be able to provide children a sequence of events that makes their routine.

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