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Safety and Security- one of the top most factors to consider in your choice of Pre School And Daycare

Ask any parent and the one thing that is top most on their mind when they send their child to a Pre School & Daycare is security! Not without reason…. with all the horror stories, one hears every other day, you cannot be over careful. No amount of questions is therefore too many to ask the school, when it comes to its security measures.  Besides seeking satisfactory responses from the center it is important that you also see the security system in action first hand, yourself. Some of the areas to pay attention to, include:

Safety Security

  • Child Safe Flooring
    Lot of the schools have marble/tiles flooring which looks fancy but is not safe for small children as children they are always in playful mode which increases chances of injury. So, lookout for flooring which is child-safe, these days we have number of options like PVC flooring, Cushioned flooring or Wooden flooring which are soft for children.
  • CCTV Feed
    What about CCTV cameras? It is not only enough to check whether they are installed but also that they are operational. In fact, as a parent ensure that you have access to the live CCTV feed so that you have complete peace of mind when it comes to your child’s security!
  • Access Control
    Is there a security guard manning the school? What kind of access control has been put in place (Finger Print/ Pin)? What kind of details were asked from you when you visited the school as a visitor?
  • Fire & Evacuation
    Are there enough fire extinguishers? Does the school have an evacuation plan? Are there trainings for handling things like earthquake etc.
  • Pickup & Drop Policy
    What is the pick-up and drop policy of the school? It may sound convenient that while you are running late from a meeting, the school can hand over your child to your driver, the fact is it needs to be done only with necessary authorization, else it can become a potential security hazard.
  • First Aid Kit
    Does the school have a first aid kit readily available? Does it have a tie up with nearest hospital or have a doctor on call?

Seemingly small aspects, all of these can go a long way in ensuring that your child has a fuss free experience and you have complete peace of mind, knowing that the child is in safe hands. Of course, even after many checks that you make, one priceless thing is your gut feel. So, remember to listen to it!

Here’s to a fruitful partnership between you and the Pre School & Daycare in doing the best for your child!

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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