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Kids And Food: 10 Best Tips for Parents of Picky Preschoolers

Is your preschooler refusing healthy meals and only hungry when they see snacks or chicken nuggets? Or is your little one avoiding eating all and would much rather have fun and play around? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone here. Children’s nutrition means kids and food is a tough topic in most households, and most parents worry about their children not consuming proper meals.

Kids tend to eat a variety of food throughout the week, and more often than not, these foods tend to have a variety of nutrition in them which are sufficient for their overall health and growth. That being said, if you are still wondering how to incorporate more immunity boosting foods for kids meals, then this article is just for you.

10 Tips for Parents to Avoid Those Mealtime Wars

Not all parents have a degree in nutrition to raise healthy kids, and that’s okay. Just follow the below-mentioned tips to ensure preschooler nutrition.

1. It’s Okay to Be Not Hungry

Don’t force certain meals on kindergarten kids; this only will make things worse for the both of you as meal time will end up feeling frustrating, and children will forget to enjoy the family meals together.

2. Always Start Young

Food preferences develop pretty early in life for everyone, so make sure your child nutrition chart has variety. So, keep introducing new food items to your child to make them grow to that taste and eventually start liking or having it regularly.

meal plan for preschoolers

3. Strike A Balance Between Desserts And Vegetables

In your meal plan for preschoolers, serve some dessert, preferably a healthy one. But make sure you don’t treat it like a prize they get for eating their vegetables or finishing their plate. Stay as neutral as possible when it comes to food.

4. Use Food as A Reward

Never use food as a means to say I love you to your kids, as this might end up promoting wrong eating habits. With age, kids will use food as a way to cope with emotions or stress. Instead, offer attention, hugs, and praises as a way to praise your child.

5. Kids Follow Their Parents

To ensure your kids stick to the child nutrition chart, set an example yourself by being a role model and eating healthy yourself. So make sure your kids see you eating all your meals and choosing nutritious snacks over chips and burgers.

6. Routines Are the Key to Balance

If you are thinking what are the best foods for kids and how you should balance them out, then follow a routine. Serve snacks and meals at a particular time every single day; this way, if your kid misses a meal, snack time is when he can get the nutrition his body needs.

7. Make Food Fun

Are you thinking about how to incorporate iron rich foods for kids into their diets? Well, how about making food fun, like serving broccoli with your child’s favorite sauce or dip, or using cookie cutters to shape the fruits and salads in fun ways and make boring food look exciting.

8. Reduce Those Distractions

No matter how much effort you put into preparing energy food for kids, your kid still won’t get all the nutrition and energy he needs if he doesn’t focus on the meal he is having. To ensure he doesn’t get distracted, make sure to turn off all gadgets or television.

9. Get Creative While Cooking

To increase nutrition in your toddler meal plan, get creative with your cooking. For example, add chopped green peppers and broccoli to pasta and spaghetti, or top those cereals with fruit slices and mix grated carrots and zucchinis in soups and casseroles.

10. Get Your Child to Help You Out While Shopping for Grocery

If you are looking for kids meal ideas, then the best way to do it is taking out your kid with you while going grocery shopping and letting them choose the vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks. Also, while at home, encourage your kids to help rinse vegetables and set the table during meal times.


What your child is eating today will have a long-term impact on their health throughout their life. This is because the various cells in their body are rapidly dividing and multiplying, therefore setting the stage for future development and growth. Kids eating food that are unhealthy will only lead to chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, etc., as they become adults. Therefore, as parents, you have to ensure that eating healthy becomes a lifestyle for your kids as they keep growing. But that’s not all; starting to eat healthy right from childhood will make sure that your kid holds on to this habit for the rest of their life while also making sure they are less fussy or picky when it comes to food.

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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