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Is Online The Future Of Education?

The concept of education, particularly its delivery, like that of many other things, has changed drastically over the last two years. With the rise of the internet, education wasn’t, in any case, limited to the four walls of a classroom. The pandemic, of course, has propelled online education to a near revolution.

While there is admittedly some skepticism around online education, the fact remains that online learning is here to stay. Let us look at some of the reasons why online is really the future of education.

1. Accessibility

First things first; the big advantage that online education brings is its accessibility. The ability to study from just about anywhere, without having to commute, is a big plus. All you need is a good internet connection and you are all set to partake in learning. During the pandemic, of course, the fact that children were not cut off from learning while being safe in the confines of their homes, was a big plus! In fact, with many parents moving to smaller towns in the throes of the pandemic, online classes were instrumental in ensuring that the child wasn’t cut off from quality education.

2. Flexibility

Another major advantage that online education offers is the flexibility it brings in its wake. It offers students the ability to understand concepts at their own pace without succumbing to pressure. Even with live classes, there is some amount of flexibility. Preschool for kids, for example, offers options of morning, afternoon, and evening classes to suit the requirements of parents. As opposed to a traditional school where morning classes are a norm, parents who are juggling multiple roles can opt for an evening session that works best for their family.

In fact, in the aftermath of the pandemic, where millions of people continue to work from home, online education offers parents the flexibility to keep kids at home if it suits their learning styles.

online education

3. Interactive

Contrary to popular belief, online live classes can offer a lot of interaction with teachers besides offering access to diverse material such as videos, photos, and more. Research has shown that children learn by way of multiple intelligences as also different learning styles. In fact, online classes with their reliance on various learning materials work for different styles of learners. If anything, the interest of children in learning may only go up on account of interactive visuals that are eye-catching.

4. Cost-effective

Compared to in-person education, online schooling also tends to be more affordable. In fact, if you look at the preschool space for example, you are even offered trial sessions to see how the mode of learning works for your ward before you commit to the classes.

Preschool for kids

Final Thoughts

All of this is not to say that online education does not come with its own share of challenges. The one that has particularly been talked about a lot is the fact that it does not offer an opportunity for socialization. Besides, with younger children, parents worry about increased screen time, lack of physical activity, and more. That said, the fact remains that preschools for kids particularly build in a whole host of physical activities within their online curriculum that ensures that the child does not take to a sedentary lifestyle in the confines of the home.

While online education comes with a host of advantages as opposed to traditional classroom learning, however, it is for every student and parent to assess their unique situation and decide the mode of learning that works for them. The future of online education in India, in the meanwhile, is definitely on an upswing propelled by access, cost, and quality. In fact, both online and blended, or what is also known as hybrid learning is going to be the medium of the future.

Post Author: Amita Bhardwaj

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