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How Footprints Provides Top Education & Home-Like Care to Your Child?

When your youngster takes his first tottering steps to preschool, he will most likely experience some apprehension. After all, it’s like watching your heart walk outside of your body. You want to be sure that the play school is a safe environment for your child and that there are adequate and more chances for your child’s overall growth. According to a study, 90% of brain growth occurs by the time a child reaches the age of five. As a result, the suitable simulation and inputs can help the child develop to his maximum potential.

At Footprints, a chain of preschools set up by IIT-IIM alumni, we take our role seriously and fully commit to the child’s growth and development. Some of the aspects that have led to Footprints becoming the preferred parenting partner for parents include:

1. Scientifically developed HighScope Curriculum

We follow the HighScope curriculum at Footprints, designed to ignite the child’s love for learning. The focus is creating a conducive environment where the child explores learning material and interacts with peers and adults. The focus is on building academic skills and helping little learners develop socially and emotionally. The curriculum’s big advantage is that it has active learning at its center. It, therefore, allows young children to learn through their natural play and interactions with the environment and other people. Given the structure, children can make choices of their own, follow their interests, and develop skills and abilities. In all this, the teacher acts as the necessary scaffolding, encouraging the child and taking a problem-solving approach to resolving conflicts. Overall, the HighScope curriculum works towards equipping the children with a range of life skills that help them:

  • Become confident decision-makers and problem-solvers
  • Ensure social and emotional development
  • Equip them with self-regulation skills
Scientifically developed HighScope Curriculum

2. Live CCTV footage

When you send a young child to school, the child’s physical safety is your biggest concern. For this reason, at Footprints, we don’t just install CCTV cameras; parents also have access to a live CCTV feed. Not only does it go a long way in keeping students secure, but it also offers you complete peace of mind, which is also a given!

3. Infrastructure designed for child safety

Right from child-proof classrooms to the use of safe toys, we pay a lot of attention to ensure that the infrastructure is designed for child safety. Additionally, with our well-trained staff, you can rest assured that the child is safe and receives home-like care. We also pay a lot of attention to ensuring that due background checks have been made on our staff. We also follow stringent methods when it comes to visitors visiting our premises as also concerning our dispersal policies. All of these are intended to make sure that there are no security lapses.

4. World-class adult: child ratio

Young children thrive on personal attention. At Footprints, we ensure that attention is paid to every child, enabling us to bring out the best in them.

5. Nutritious food

Holistic development of the child involves taking due care of their physical growth. To ensure this, we prepare nutritious food in-house. The food menu is prepared by a qualified nutritionist and has no place for junk food. Children develop a relationship with food early, and hence, the no junk food policy goes a long way in ensuring healthy eating habits. Besides, the fact that the children eat together and are taught not to waste food adds to the experience.

ensuring healthy eating habits

6. Daycare facilities

With the rise of working parents and nuclear families, the need for quality daycare is rising. At Footprints, we not only ensure your child’s physical safety while you are at work but also ensure that the child spends the hours fruitfully. Therefore, a range of age-appropriate activities are offered at Footprints daycare. It sure is a home away from home for your child.

Finally, yet another aspect that draws parents to Footprints is the philosophy of the founders. Set up by IIT-IIM alumni, the school’s philosophy is to impart learning and make our young students fall in love with the learning process. It is by piquing their curiosity that our trained teachers set them up on a lifelong path of learning.

To Sum Up

Choosing a preschool is one of the most important decisions you can make that sets your child up on the path to success. HighScope research reveals that children who receive the proper early education reap the following advantages in life:

  • They are better prepared for school.
  • They display self-regulation, a necessary marker for socialization and success.
  • They show higher graduation rates and are known to find stable employment.
  • They build stable home environments and are well-adjusted & engaged civically.

We invite you to give your child this much-needed early advantage with Footprints. Our dedicated team, well-crafted curriculum, and safe, nurturing environment will ensure you experience the best early education at our Play Schools.

Post Author: Purvesh Sharma

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