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Brain Gym Exercises For Children

Many parents actively seek constructive activities that not only keep their children engaged but also contribute to sharpening their cognitive abilities. This is precisely where brain gym exercises prove to be invaluable.

What Are Brain Gym Exercises?

Brain Gym movements encompass 26 exercises developed initially by educator Paul E. Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E. Dennison. The belief behind these exercises is that specific movements can activate and stimulate different brain parts. Similar to how physical exercise strengthens muscles, brain exercises are recognized for their ability to stimulate brain activity. They aid participants in staying alert, contributing to optimal learning and memory retention, and even enhancing logical thinking and cognitive skills. Some individuals have reported memory improvement as well. Given the critical nature of the early years in a child’s brain development, initiating brain gym exercises early is highly recommended. While additional research on brain gym exercises is needed, individuals who have incorporated these activities into their routines have reported experiencing benefits such as:

  • Improved learning abilities such as increased focus, mental flexibility, information retention, and more.
  • They also help reduce stress by incorporating calming movements and breathing exercises.
  • They help integrate different parts of the brain and improve cognitive function.
  • They also improve blood flow and help release neurotransmitters that support brain function.

It is essential to recognize the potential advantages of these exercises, especially during the crucial stages of a child’s cognitive development. Here are some fun brain gym activities you may do with your child for students.

1. Lazy Eights

This activity entails instructing your child to draw the figure eight. You can have the child draw it on paper or trace imaginary eights in the air. In addition to loosening the muscles of the arm and wrist, this exercise is recognized for enhancing both balance and the child’s concentration.

2. Double Doodle

This activity requires the child to use both hands to sketch two images simultaneously. The inherent nature of this exercise implies that it serves as excellent stimulation for the brain. Moreover, it is recognized for promoting learning skills and enhancing accuracy in spelling and mathematical calculations.

3. The Active Arm

All you need to do is have the child stretch one of his arms and hold the other arm at right angles to keep the extended arm in a firm position. The activity is known to strengthen the child’s upper chest and shoulders besides activating the brain and improving hand-eye coordination.

4. Earth Buttons

For this activity, the child can either stand or sit comfortably. Next, the child must place their right hand on their lips and their left hand on the navel. Simply instruct them to use their hands to perform small, circular motions. Earth button exercises enhance overall body orientation, positively affecting mental alertness.

5. The Thinking Cap

Simply ask the child to hold their ears using the thumb and the index finger. Next, the child needs to roll and unroll the ear’s outer portion. This is known to improve hearing as well as short-term memory.

6. Brain Buttons

For this exercise, the child simply needs to put their right hand on their left collarbone and the left one on the right collarbone. The child must massage these points with gentle pressure, taking deep breaths. This activity helps with improved focus.

7. Cross Crawl

Have the child sit or stand. Next, instruct them to touch their left elbow to their right knee and the process with their right elbow touching their left knee. This exercise is known to enhance attention and concentration.

Child doing physical exercises

8. The Elephant

Get the child to stretch one hand and place it next to the ear on the same side. After this, they must draw the infinity sign three times with the extended hand. The same procedure needs to be repeated with the other hand. This exercise is known to impact both body balance and brain activity positively.

9. Hook Ups

This calming exercise enhances concentration. Instruct your child to sit cross-legged, cross their arms at the wrist, interlace their fingers, and draw them towards their chest. Then, guide them to take deep breaths and relax.

10. Energy Yawn

This one is fun. Have them intentionally yawn while stretching and flexing various body parts. This activity will stimulate brain activity and promote relaxation.

To Sum Up

Here are ten easy-to-do brain gym activities that can be beneficial in various ways. In addition to calming the child, regular brain gym exercises can enhance neural connections, laying a foundation for cognitive growth.

In addition to these brain gym activities, engaging children in tasks that challenge their thinking, problem-solving, and memory skills is also a good idea. Whether providing them with puzzles to solve, reading aloud, or other activities, incorporating song and dance, though not overtly seen as brain development exercises, can significantly contribute to brain stimulation. These activities help improve balance, hand-eye coordination, and memory.

At Footprints, a preschool chain that has become a preferred parenting partner, our focus is on the child’s holistic development. We emphasize not only pre-academic skills to ensure readiness for kindergarten but also aim to spark the child’s curiosity, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond academic years. We also emphasize ensuring children acquire age-appropriate life skills to navigate life’s ups and downs easily. Effective communication and critical thinking are among the skills we prioritize, aiming to prepare the child for the road ahead rather than trying to prepare the road for the child.

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