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8 Best Summer Activities for Children to Have Fun!

Summer is just around the corner. That implies your children are out of school and prepared to completely dismantle your home. Where children will be bustling with palpable excitement to spend these days, parents are left wondering how to keep them gainfully occupied; after all, sitting at home can almost invariably mean long screen hours. Therefore, parents should plan some enjoyable summer activities to keep children occupied before they settle into a sluggish summer pattern. The summer months are ideal for imparting new skills, encouraging kids’ hobbies, and spending quality time with family.

Below, we have listed eight engaging and fun summer activities for children to have a blast this holiday season. So, let’s plan summer activities for your little rock stars.

Summer Activities for Kids

1. Swimming

When we think of summertime, nothing can beat the thrill of jumping into a pool and splashing around to cool off the scorching heat. In fact, swimming is among the most preferred activities in the summer season. It will be such a delight to see children make their way in the water while practicing the various strokes. If taking them to a pool isn’t an option, you needn’t worry. There are many ways to have similar kinds of fun. For starters, get them to help you wash the car. All you need to do is to get some props- thinking colorful sponges or even some soapy bubble solution. Well, the car will indeed be cleaned, and it will also become a preferred activity with all the fun that you all have together in the bargain!

2. Let the creativity flow

Summer is the time to let the creative juices flow. Get the children involved in finger painting, pottery, quilling, or a range of these activities. When we mention creativity, you need not restrict yourself to these activities alone. Let’s say your child is a technology geek who is not interested in traditional arts and crafts activities; you could get them DIY project kits, readily available in the market, where they build, let us say, a telescope or a rocket launcher, and see their creativity soar! Now, that will be a fun activity for kids.

Fun Activity for children

3. Cooking

Summertime is the ideal season to teach your children the family recipes. Throughout the summer, you can designate your child as your sous-chef and allow them to assist you in the kitchen. This is a great way to assist your children learn how to cook. Depending on their age, get them to do some age-appropriate cooking. Get them to bake a healthy cake or make some lovely cookies in various shapes together. The fun they will have in cooking up a storm cannot be described. And as they say, the family that eats together stays together!

4. Reading

Summer break is the right time to introduce them to books of different genres. Read other stories to them and let the love for books develop. Children who take to reading can never really be bored. They could be sitting at home and undertaking different flights of fantasy, visiting new places, making new friends, and more. The best way to get the child to read is, of course, for them to watch adults at home do it. Remember that the earlier this love is sparked, the better it is! Reading is among the best indoor activities for kids.

5. Bring them close to nature

There cannot be a much better healer than nature. The sad bit, however, is that we increasingly spend less time amidst nature. Therefore, this summer vacation, ensure you help your children come close to nature. Get them to water the plants, take them to visit a nursery, and walk in the park. These are a few activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine. You can also plan trips to a few unconventional tourist destinations to experience the raw version of nature. Simply appreciating nature’s beauty will bring them so much joy and comfort. It will be beneficial to expose kids to nature poetry during the trips to understand how well-known poets described nature, i.e., how William Wordsworth described daffodils that delighted them even after spending time among them.

6. Sports

There is no substitute for physical activity in keeping one fit. Introduce them to different sports so they can find something that they like. Besides allowing them to be active, a sporting activity will also teach them essential skills like teamwork. If the child isn’t interested in a sporting activity, get them to enjoy a dance or self-defense class. Needless to say, if they like the activity, they are likely to stick around.

7. Math Treasure Hunt

If you are looking for activities for kids at home, how about combining the fun of a treasure hunt with mathematical activities? All you need to do is to hide some age-appropriate math problems around the house. Once they solve the problem, they should be led to the following location. This will reinforce their math skills, all while they are having oodles of fun.

8. Summer Camp

Enrolling them in a summer camp where they are introduced to a wide range of activities they can explore is a good idea. The fact that they spend time with other children also helps them develop socialization skills. For parents, particularly those who need to go out and work, a good summer camp is the best way to occupy the child.

To Sum Up

Summer can be an excellent time for the child to explore various interests and have fun in the bargain. Pro tip- Do not worry too much if the child occasionally complains of boredom. Some boredom works well for the child as it forces him or her to think creatively!

We work towards the child’s holistic development at Footprints, a chain of preschool and daycare centers nationwide. We also offer a range of summer camp activities that keep children excited to explore more!

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