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10 Fun Ways To Teach “Months Of The Year” To Preschoolers

Teach “Months Of The Year” To Your Preschooler

A preschooler quickly absorbs their environment, acquiring new concepts. One of these newfound understandings is a basic grasp of time. This presents an ideal opportunity to introduce them to the days of the week and the months of the year. When doing so, it’s essential to ensure the activity is enjoyable and engaging rather than turning it into a chore that the child dreads.

At Footprints, a prominent preschool that has become a trusted partner for parents nationwide, we employ a variety of enjoyable exercises to impart diverse concepts to preschoolers. Our inclusive, engaging, and interactive learning environments enable children to develop skills across various content areas.

If you’re seeking entertainment methods to introduce the 12 months of the year to them, we’re here to assist you.

1. Calendar

Before introducing them to the names of the months, it’s a good idea to acquaint them with a calendar and help them grasp how it functions. Flip through its pages, and as you point out the months of the year, share interesting tidbits about each one. For example, when showing January, you can mention how chilly it gets during that month. If there’s a family member’s birthday in a particular month, don’t forget to mention it.

Another enjoyable activity is printing out a calendar and letting your little one trace the name of each month while decorating it according to the events associated with that month. For instance, they could draw Santa Claus for December. This activity helps children appreciate the distinctiveness of each month but also aids them in learning the names of the months.

Pro tip: Whenever a new month arrives, take a moment to point it out to them. You can even revisit the decorated calendar to remind them of the exciting events to look forward to in the upcoming month.

2. Seasons

Different seasons provide an excellent opportunity to introduce them to the concept of months. Children become aware of the four distinct seasons due to weather changes. You can further enhance this understanding by incorporating the concept of months. Consider using engaging props, such as family pictures, to illustrate how a picture was taken in a specific season and month. Likewise, you can discuss the various types of clothing worn during different seasons, correlating them with different months. These activities will help the child establish meaningful connections rather than merely memorizing the names of the months.

3. Songs

What better way to learn the names of the months than by putting them to music? You’ll notice children humming the song to themselves repeatedly, and it won’t feel like a formal learning activity.

Just match the names of the months with a familiar tune. For example, if the child is familiar with the nursery rhyme ‘Three Blind Mice,’ that could be a suitable melody for the months of the year.

4. Marching Ahead

Learning should be tailored to accommodate various learning styles, and for most, learning by doing proves to be effective. In this instance, it would be an enjoyable activity to have a group of preschoolers’ march to the various months of the calendar. Each child can be allocated one month (perhaps their birthday month, if feasible), and they can call out the names of their assigned months sequentially as they march along. After a few rounds, you can be confident that not only will the children remember their own assigned months but also those of their peers.

5. Videos

Visual and auditory learners will appreciate it when you show engaging videos about the months of the year. Be sure to select the videos carefully. If they provide fascinating trivia about the month that the child can relate to, you’ll see the child brimming with enthusiasm.

6. Hopscotch

How about transforming the game of hopscotch into an enjoyable learning activity? All you need to do is write the names of the months in the boxes. You could encourage the child to draw something associated with a particular month. The child can then hop from box to box, or in this case, from month to month. Each time the child lands on a specific box, call out the month’s name.

7. Flashcards

Create flashcards for each month, each featuring an image associated with that month. This could turn into a fun game to keep the child engaged. Once the child has learned the names of all the months, you can also play a game of arranging the months in order.

8. Building Blocks

The next time the child plays with building blocks, turn it into a fun game where each block must correspond to the month’s name that needs to be called out before placing the block.

9. Memory Game

In a group, take turns calling out the names of the months in order. Whoever misses any month is temporarily out of the game. It’s a given that this game will result in lots of giggles and valuable learning!

10. Birthdays

If you have a group of preschoolers, you can also teach them the months by having them call out their birthday months in order. Mentioning their birthdays and the fact that they share their birth months with others is sure to bring a sparkle to their eyes.

To Sum Up

There you go! With these ten fun activities, you can transform a learning opportunity into a lot of fun. You are only limited by your imagination. With a bit of creativity, you will find many such opportunities to incorporate the names of the months. Don’t be surprised if the child repeatedly asks you to play these games. The fun they have in these games will be directly proportional to their learning. So, let the fun begin!

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