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09 - 18 Months

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Toddlers keep you on toes! Where did your toddler go in just a minute? What did your toddler put in her mouth?


19 - 30 Months

18 Class Size

As the name suggests it’s time to play in groups! Roughly when a child has started speaking few words..


31 - 42 Months

24 Class Size

PreNursery or Play School is the preparation to go to school and engage in formal education. A child needs to..

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43 - 54 Months

24 Class Size


Footprints Nursery Schools in Delhi-NCR prepare children with strong foundation for life. Footprints Nursery schools..

Best Pre-School, Play School, Day Care & Creche in Vikaspuri, Delhi

For parents looking for a play school, some of the important deciding factors are typically if the school is “near me” and whether it offers the right foundation on which the child can build in later life. At the Footprints preschool center at Vikaspuri, Delhi we are extremely committed to giving the child an early enriching environment that piques his sense of curiosity and instills a growth mindset. Our passionate teachers and a scientifically developed curriculum are indispensible aids towards this goal. Additionally our untiring focus on the child’s physical safety ensures that you have complete peace of mind. What we also have at Footprints is state-of-the-art creche and day care facilities that are an important part of your childcare journey.

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Sonia Soni

Center Directress

I am a proud mother of 11 years old boy.  I am dedicated, educated person and strongly believe that children are sweet, lovely and they make your life important. We can learn many things from children and this is the reason why I have joined Footprints Childcare as a Centre Director in Vikas Puri Branch.

Footprints provided me an opportunity to give the children right and positive environment along with their parents involvement and support as we are parenting partner. I have 14 years plus experience in corporate world across different MNCs. Good people management skill helped me to do well in my career. Love to spend time with my son and being around with children

Personal information:

Education: from Delhi University.

Experience:  15 Years in difference Multinational Companies (Aon Hewitt, Patni Computers & E funds International).


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Amit Chaudhry  Public

Footprints Vikas Puri Branch is a professional Pre-school in West Delhi, thier application is a full fledged guide which entails every information about your child like Eating notification, activity notifications, weekly reports and a lot more. Specifically I would like to call out the “LIVE CAMERA” access feature which gives you an oppurtunity...


Avantika Thakur  Public

The best play school in Vikaspuri. Very caring and courteous teachers and staff. The entire footprints team is very supportive. Special thanks to Ankita Mam for giving such a loving environment to my child.


Nitro Guys  Public

I can’t appreciate a single thing about this pre school my ward could ever get...very supportive Centerdirectoress,nice n humble supermams...all the didis are very good at their work,they take a very good care of all the students...My child had a wonderful experience of one year at this school.


Vikas Sharma  Public

Very good school for your child. Very helpful staff , good environment and nice infrastructure.teachers are committed to their work and are very disciplined.smartphone app system reduces most of the unpractical paperwork and unnecessary visits.


Shweta M  Public

Footprints Vikas Puri is an amazing play school with good ambience. The kind of personal touch my son (Yonit)got from his teachers, now he is a fan of them (Ankita & Amardeep mam). I am thankful to the principal and whole staff for being so patient and polite with the kids.


Priyanka  Public

Indeed it’s a good playschool in Vikaspuri amongst rest of the other playschools. teachers, centre head and nannies all are good. Atmosphere is clean and tidy and bright for small kids. Just a advise for all daycare schools, like other activities, playschools should also have learnings from occupational therapists and special educators. So, that ...


Sweety Kohli  Public

Teachers are very best and children are safe and happy going


Brijesh Yadav  Public

Footprints is the best Preschool in Delhi !! The teachers are very knowledgeable when comes to handling the kids. My Friends daughter was very bad eater, she learnt the importance of eating healthy food, only coz them. Super satisfied!


Rashmi Kale  Public

Best preschool with state of art infra and superb curriculum. Major forte is Audio Video curriculum for holistic development.


Madhuri Kushwaha  Public

One stop solution for parents for their toddler's initial learning programme. This is the best preschool we have come across which works for the upliftment and personal grooming of the children having numerous teaching methodologies.

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Deep Keersrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

20 January at 15:11 

Footprints is really awesome. I can just say my dolls are safe in their hands.

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पंडित जी पंडित जीrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

17 January at 09:42 

9779369151☎☎पंडित जी से अपनी कुंडली की पूरी जानकारी प्राप्त हेतु संपर्क करें☎☎

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Pankaj Katyalrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

15 January at 17:11 

the best play school and daycare in the area ,they provide total security , hygienic environment and healthy food for children, simply awesome...a class above all

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Meeta Mandaviarecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

14 January at 14:38 

Child Centric Superb Infrastructure Trained & Caring staff

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Ani Gaurrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

12 January at 23:53 

this is good place where kids are safe and learning very easily with other kids and teachers

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Swati Sarode-dhalerecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

11 January at 16:03 

footprints childcare have a very good service they are providing so that I can easily send my child with happy mood n feel stree free as I feel Aaditya is at safe and comfortable place,Thanku footprints!

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Suruchi Arora Relhanrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

10 January at 19:03 branch in Delhi is best..they take care of my kid more than me..its like a second home for my kid..thnks to all the are doing amazing job..

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Ridhima Rana Vhavlerecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

09 January at 17:50 

I am a paranoid parent. I get gitters at slight anomaly wrt my child. I'm not that uptight when it comes to me, but like any parent, I want the best for my kid, and that is why I chose Footprints. The way Ms. Nasrin took care of my apprehensions, and how extra care she provided for my baby, I have no reservations left about anything. I'm in a much ...

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Sophie Bslrrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

09 January at 09:34 

Excellent school and day care where I drop my 2 children every morning. Staff is very attentive & helpful. Special thanks to Anjali who is perfectly taking care of my 1 year old son. We have moved from France to Delhi and it was the first day he was going to a daycare. At footprints gk2, we have found the same standards as the one we were expecting...

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Sanjeev Choubeyrecommend-icon reviewed Footprints Childcare.

08 January at 00:03 

just superb school for kids