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a US-based preschool curriculum brought to India first time.

Programs Advance

40 years of research shows that HighScope programs advance the development of children and improve their chance of living a better life through adulthood

Based In US

HighScope Curriculum is Scientifically developed through research and development since 1962 by HighScope Foundation based in US


HighScope Educational Research Foundation is an independent non-profit research, development, training, and public outreach organization with headquarters in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


HighScope Institutes or Teacher Education Centers are located in Canada, Chile, China, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, and the UK.

Start Program

The HighScope educational approach is consistent with the best practices recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Head Start Program Performance Standards, and other guidelines for developmentally based programs.

Brain Development

Based on contemporary findings of Human Brain Development, it is seen to produce children with significantly better Health, Employment and Relationships alongwith much lesser criminal records.

Early Brain Development Program - US-based Curriculum

We engage. We play. We encourage. We teach the teachers and then we study the results day to day and decade to decade.

Highscope advocates Active participatory learning, which incorporates a child’s choice of material, manipulation, language and adult scaffolding.

The HighScope Infant-Toddler Curriculum is a comprehensive model that addresses all areas of development through six content areas and 42 key developmental indicators

How do we make a difference?


Approaches To Learning


Communication Language and Literacy


Social and Emotional Development


Cognitive Development


Physical Development And Health


Creative Arts

How we assess ?

COR Advantage is an observation-based assessment from birth to kindergarten. It is backed by research from HighScope, which has led to its wide acceptance as the leading assessment for early childhood educators.