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Discover a world of joyous learning at Footprints Preschool in Udaipur, where we nurture young minds and create a foundation for a lifetime of success. As a leading preschool, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating and caring environment for your little ones. Footprints Awarded as the "leading Preschool in India-2023" and honored for the best "innovation for curriculum" by BW Education, we take pride in our commitment to providing the best possible educational experience for your child. From the playful beginnings of the playgroup to the foundational steps of nursery, lower kindergarten, and all the way to upper kindergarten, we celebrate each stage of your child's growth. With a vast network of over 100+ Preschool centers across 17 cities, Footprints is not just a place for learning but a community that spans the nation. Our presence in Udaipur offers you the convenience of easily finding us nearby, ensuring that quality early education is accessible to all. At Footprints, we focus on HighScope curriculum, creating a fun and engaging environment for children to explore and learn. Our facilities are equipped with live CCTV access, providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their child is in a secure environment. Beyond preschool, our world-class daycare and creche facilities ensure a holistic learning experience. Join us at Footprints Preschool in Udaipur, where every day is a new and exciting chapter in your child's adventure of learning and growth.

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12 - 24

15Class Size

Toddlers keep you on toes! Where did your toddler go in just a minute? What did your toddler put in her mouth?


24 - 36

18 Class Size

As the name suggests it’s time to play in groups! Roughly when a child has started speaking few words..


36 - 48

24 Class Size

PreNursery or Play School is the preparation to go to school and engage in formal education. A child needs to..

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48 - 60

24 Class Size


Footprints Nursery Schools in prepare children with strong foundation for life. Footprints Nursery schools..

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