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The role of a preschool cannot be over estimated as the child spends their most formative years, here. If you are looking for a preschool in Mumbai, you are definitely looking at a nurturing space that allows your child not just to learn but also to fall in love with the process of learning. This is exactly what we do at Footprints. Our playschools not just in Mumbai, but all over the country are designed to lay a strong foundation for the child’s holistic development. Our day care in Mumbai is also designed on the same principle, of offering a foundation for the child’s social as well as academic development. We offer age appropriate activities as also a healthy child to caregiver ratio that goes a long way in giving personalized attention. When you choose Footprints creche in Mumbai, you aren’t choosing just a physical space but a whole way of life.

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Footprints Mumbai Kharghar

Bungalow No 99, Sector 20 Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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