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U-26/3114, DLF PHase 3, Nathupur, Opp White Town Houses, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002

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DLF 3, DLF 2, Nathupur, DLF Cyber City, DLF Oakwood Estate, Silver Oak, Sikandarpur


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  • 9-18Months old
  • 15Class size
Play Group
  • 19-30Months old
  • 18Class size
Pre Nursery
  • 31-42Months Old
  • 24Class size
  • 43-54Months Old
  • 24Class size

Centre Head

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Centre Head_Best Pre-School, Day-care & Crèche in DLF Phase 3

Babita Dhawan

Centre Director

Babita Dhawan, M com. B.Ed  been in education field for almost 30 years with good and strong experience of School operations, Staff handling, Admissions, Academics, Curriculum, Childcare and Development. Over the years, as a teacher I have realised that if the fertile soil of the mind is enriched with the value of love, kindness and patience the saplings of good education and character will grow into strong trees and bear good fruits. I am positive that in times to come I will continue this journey with elevated enthusiasm and persistently provide a platform of holistic learning to the young generation of learners. I am passionate and strive to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them to create appropriate, meaningful and participative learning situations, inculcating life skills in the impressionable children and appreciating their smallest efforts with all generosity and broadness of vision . I am committed to building something larger and who puts aside personal gain for the well being of group. I am the possibility of love, joy and happiness.Honesty and hard work is my key motto.

Personal Info:

Education: 1. Studied Commerce at Delhi University.
2. B.Ed. from Anamalai University.
3. Diploma in Yogasan and pranayama  from Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, Delhi.
4. Diploma in Commercial Arts.


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Video Gallery

Shanaya Sudey - LKG


Bhumi Nanda - Pre Nursery A

Trishika Jain - LKG

Adyant Kumar - Pre Nursery A

Pratham Sharma - Pre Nursery A

Aaditri Sharma - LKG

Meera Iythal - LKG


Janvee Karan - LKG

Rudraksh Dahiya - Pre Nursery A

Kabir Saheb Gupta - Pre Nursery A

Saryu Mengi - Play Group A