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How Can I Open A Play School Franchise With No Money?

Ply School Franchise With No Money

Are you passionate about children? Does spending the day with them, nurturing them, sound like a day perfectly spent? Would you want to convert your passion into a business opportunity and want to open a play school franchise with no money?

If your answer to all the above questions is yes and yet you are worried about the fact that you do not have any investment to make, we have the perfect solution.

With “ Sprouts” you can open a play school franchisee without having to invest large amounts. An initiative of Footprints Childcare, which is known for its chain of preschools across the country, Sprouts offers a unique opportunity for passionate mothers to open a play school/daycare from the comfort of their homes. You need not have any prior experience as long as you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. Wondering how it works? Here’s how:

How does the Sprouts model work?

✔️ Easy conversion of your living room into a preschool/daycare
✔️ Flexible Timings- ability to run half-day as well as full day programs, after school programs as well as run extended pre school hours.
✔️ End-to-end support from Footprints, be it ready lesson plans, technology, ongoing training, marketing support & more
✔️ Earning potential of up to 55 K a month with just 12 children

Play School Franchise

Why are parents drawn to SPROUTS?

Some of the compelling reasons why parents find an association with Sprouts empowering for their children, include:

✔️ Rich legacy of Footprints
✔️ Live CCTV feed that ensures child safety & security
✔️ Instant Mobile Updates that keep them posted on the child’s activity throughout the day
✔️ High Scope Curriculum that enables a child’s all-round development including social emotional development, cognitive development, and more
✔️ No transportation cost as the Sprouts center is available in the neighborhood.

While Footprints offers end-to-end support, as a mompreneur all you need to do, is to bring your A-game to the venture. Here’s an overview of the hand holding Footprints does for you:

✔️ Marketing Support
✔️ Curriculum Training Support
✔️ Admission Support team
✔️ Parent Support Team
✔️ Monthly Meal Planners
✔️ IT support- App & CCTV Technology
✔️ Payment Collection & Reporting

100% Risk Coverage- a big advantage for you as a new entrepreneur

In a never before precedent, you also receive a minimum payout guarantee from the first month of the operation itself. What the Sprouts Program, therefore, offers you is complete peace of mind as a new entrepreneur.

To Sum Up

If you have always dreamt of being financially independent, here is just the perfect opportunity as Sprouts offers wings to your dreams. With the Sprouts advantage, you can work conveniently from home while earning money & respect. Importantly you also support other women who can safely leave their children in the comfort of a Sprout’s center & go out to work.

Come join a growing community of women who are making a huge difference in their own lives as also in the lives of many children:

Varsha Chawla, a resident of Noida, dropped out of the workforce after being an IT professional for over 10 years when she embraced motherhood. With setting up a Sprouts Center she can not only look after her children but also fulfill her dream of financial independence once again.

Rudrakshi, a mother of two, had always nursed the ambition to do something by herself. However, familial responsibilities did not allow her to step out of her house. It is when she came across the opportunity offered by Sprouts that she could for the first time in her life be self-sufficient.

Varsha Yadav, a resident of Gurugram, was a teacher who had worked with reputed schools but who found it difficult to manage home & work. With the opportunity offered by Sprouts, however, she could put her passion to use and set up her own center.

Should you want to see yourself as a Sprouts Franchisee Owner, feel free to get in touch with us. All we ask from you is that you bring your boundless love & passion for children & an entrepreneurial drive & desire to grow.

Here’s to making a positive difference in the lives of many children!

Post Author: Aditya Sharma

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