Sohna Road

Address : Parsvnath Greenville, Sohna Road, Sector 48, Near Parsvnath Residency, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122018

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  • 9-18Months old
  • 15Class size
Play Group
  • 19-30Months old
  • 18Class size
Pre Nursery
  • 31-42Months Old
  • 24Class size
  • 43-54Months Old
  • 24Class size

Centre Head

Jasmeet Kaur

Centre Head

I Jasmeet Kaur, been in education field for almost 16 years now. Got strong background of School Operations, Staff handling, Admin, Admissions, Academics, Curriculum, Child care & development. I am dedicated and qualified person with a passion for children learning & care. I am creative & enthusiastic person who is sensitive to children individual needs.I believe that the quality of education a person receives in early life is indispensable in bringing out that person potential and that all children should have access to quality learning & care. I continue to help kids learn in fun, creative & safe environment which contributes to their growth and well-being. Be positive and you will always have positive results, that what I follow and preach. I always believe that honest hard work and strong determination will always make you achieve what you wish. There are no short cuts in life. I am eager to learn & always open for feedback. With sweet smile on face and positive attitude, one can overcome any challenge in life.

Personal Info:

Experience: 16 years in education.

Video Gallery

Prisha Ahuja - Pre Nursery A

Lavanya Roy - Pre Nursery A

Shreshtha Chauhan - LKG

Ashvath Sinha - LKG

shyla gupta - Play Group B

Aarav Singh - LKG

Adhrit Mishra - Pre Nursery A

Siyona Prabhakar - Pre Nursery A

Sanjay Manicka - Pre Nursery A

Shanaya Trivedi - Pre Nursery A

Aayushman Kalita - Play Group A

Smayan Ghosh - LKG


Abeer Mawandia - Pre Nursery B

Aarna Singh - LKG