Sector 127

Address : Gyanshree School, Plot No-3/4 , Sector 127, Near IT Park, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201304

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  • 9-18Months old
  • 15Class size
Play Group
  • 19-30Months old
  • 18Class size
Pre Nursery
  • 31-42Months Old
  • 24Class size
  • 43-54Months Old
  • 24Class size

Centre Head

Sneh Sharma

Centre Head

Blending a formal background in education with proven success as a teacher and a kindergarten head for 20 years, I am now ready to transition  my expertise and experience to the leading play school and day care , Footprints.

As a leader I believe in nurturing my staff to help them excel in the craft of teaching young children. 

Even after my official retirement, my passion to provide meaningful, engaging and challenging learning experience to young children for their holistic development is intact. 

I look forward to join hands with each an every parent to enable our children to reach their maximum potential. 

Video Gallery

Kaavya Maheshwari - LKG

Maira Farogh - Pre Nursery A

avantika ghosh - Pre Nursery A

Aarush Rai - Pre Nursery A

Riaan Narang - Toddlers A

Advik Kumar - Pre Nursery A

Pransh Agrawal - LKG


Kabir Kapur - Pre Nursery A

Taanish Nanda - LKG

Alokit Shukla - Toddlers A

Stuti Mittal - Toddlers A

Avni Dixit - Pre Nursery A

Anahita Singh - Pre Nursery A

Aaradhya Singh - Pre Nursery A

WRIK Chatterjee - Pre Nursery A

ARAJ ARORA - Pre Nursery A