Mayfield Garden

Address : Plot# 10, Block M, Sector 52, Near Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122018

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  • 9-18Months old
  • 15Class size
Play Group
  • 19-30Months old
  • 18Class size
Pre Nursery
  • 31-42Months Old
  • 24Class size

Centre Head

Nichen Chaudhary

Centre Head

"Children are like snowflakes _ each one unique" I consider that each child is special and have their own unique way as a parent/guardian we need to mould them accordingly. Namaste! I am Nichen Chaudhry I love interacting with children and how they view the world in their own distinctive ways. I truly believe a teacher is the architect of the future generation and work towards it.

Personal Info:

Education: IHM Pusa New Delhi, B.A. Annamalai universityWork.

Experience: Worked as AM with Vmd Cad and graphics, Gurgaon.Teacher at Pennwood Academy Katmandu. Teacher at Rockvale Academy kalimpong.

Video Gallery

Mysha Khan - Nursery

Ahaan Jain - KG

Arhaan Narain Kapoor - Nursery B

Sana Singla - Nursery B

Chitrangada S - Pre Nursery B

Prithvi Singh - Play Group A

Agrima Dixit - Nursery

Vivaan Upmanyu - Pre Nursery A

alisha singh - Nursery


Akshaj Singh - Nursery B

Ayush Sharma - KG

AbhiRam Jindal - Pre Nursery A

Nivaan Gandhi - Pre Nursery A

Kanishq Bhandari - KG

ekisha pahwa - Nursery B

Moksha Bachchavat - Pre Nursery D

Kyra Sharma - Nursery B

Maitri Rajput - Nursery B

Aadit Aggarwal - Pre Nursery B

Arjun Miglani - Nursery

Ahaan Jain - KG

Riddhi Aggarwal - Nursery B

samaira sabbarwal - Nursery

Vivaan Jadon - KG

Aira Singhal - Pre Nursery C

Aahana Sharma - Nursery

Shlok Srivastava - Pre Nursery B

Areya lhamu chhetri - KG

drona hooda - Pre Nursery A

Aryaman Tizaria - Nursery B

Evika Parihar - Pre Nursery B

Abhyuday chaurasia - Pre Nursery A

Dhirain - Nursery

Hridhaan Chandel - Nursery

Dhairyaa Saxena - Pre Nursery C

Madiha Mehran Shah - Nursery

Adhiraj Gupta - Pre Nursery C

Arsh Koul - Pre Nursery A

Saksham Anand - Play Group B

Lavanya Gulati - Nursery

Saksham Anand - Play Group B

Manali Chowdhary - Pre Nursery A

Aadit Aggarwal - Pre Nursery B

Myra Kapoor - Nursery B

Ojas Jain - Play Group C

Atharva Goel - Pre Nursery B


Rhytheema Jethi - Pre Nursery C

Mohana Bachchavat - Pre Nursery D

Hanisha Walecha - Nursery B

Ishika Shah - Nursery


Aaradhya Rao - Pre Nursery A

Shanaya Sharma - Pre Nursery B

Janmejaya Singh - Pre Nursery A

Harshita Girdhar - Nursery

Ishanvi Shah - Nursery

Atharv Dev Jamwal - Nursery

vivaan nagvanshi - Nursery B

Ayaan Ghosh - Play Group B